Build Together: Women

Build Together, Women of the Building Trades

Build Together, Women of the Building Trades is a national CBTU program that promotes, supports and mentors women in the skilled construction trades.

In Canada, women represent only 4% of the construction trade workforce;
construction is seen as the “last frontier” in terms of increasing numbers of female representation. Other industries & sectors- the military, law enforcement, etc. have surpassed 15% female representation. The numbers of women in construction has remained unchanged for years. The tradeswomen of Build Together, together with industry support—plan to change this.

For centuries, construction workers passed on the knowledge of their craft from father to son. This generational “passing of the torch” led to insular recruiting strategies in the past. Contemporary advertising strategies perpetuate the assumption by heavily gearing images and language towards men. The Build Together program has tailored strategies to actively recruit & retain women to the industry.

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