Submission on Labour Conditions Attached to Investment Tax Credits

In the 2022 Fall Economic Statement, the federal government committed to opening consultations on clean hydrogen and labour conditions for clean investment tax credits. CBTU has developed several recommendations in response, to ensure workers are kept at the forefront of the transition towards net-zero and submitted them to the government’s consultation process on Labour conditions attached to the investment tax credits for clean hydrogen and clean technologies, including requirements to: 

  • Define ‘prevailing wage’ as determined by the total wage package negotiated through multi-employer collective bargaining agreements or Project Labour Agreements where applicable;  
  • Ensure tax credits for clean technology are competitive with those included in the US Inflation Reduction Act;
  • Ensure tax credits are tied to apprenticeship and diversity hiring requirements. 

These recommendations are intended to minimize negative impacts of the transition to net-zero on workers, communities, and our economy. Read the full submission.

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