Worker Supports

In order to accomplish Canada’s short and long-term infrastructure goals, it is necessary to have a well-trained and qualified workforce. Representing over 600,000 skilled trades workers, CBTU has identified areas for improvement and additional opportunities for the Federal Government to support workers.

Apprenticeships Support

A healthy and viable union construction apprenticeship training system is a proven avenue to restore the Canadian middle class and bring security back to the workplace. The Union Training and Innovation Program has provided considerable support to improve and expand training and support for skilled trades workers. This program has helped us to support the next generation of apprentices and tradespeople to gain the skills they need to succeed in Canada’s changing economy.

UTIP should consider the following changes to further improve the program:

  1. Extend funding to bricks and mortar projects that would see the expansion of training centres through extensions or new builds to increase capacity.
  2. Alter the UTIP funding structure to accommodate a lower investment requirement from the Training Centres; often the 50/50 split is restrictive to training centres that are financially limited.
  3. Take into consideration the fluctuation in pricing of equipment and machinery based in US dollars, as prices may fluctuate from the time a proposal was submitted to the time it is approved.
  4. Standardize the UTIP reporting system/form to simplify the process, including allowing longer application time to address the needs of smaller training centres with limited capacity. Additionally, allow entities that have successfully received UTIP funding in the past to reapply through a scaled down application process.
Grants and Financial Support for Apprentices

Click here to view our document on provincial supports that are available for apprentices.

National Infrastructure Assessment Submission

In 2021 CBTU submitted our recommendations as part of the Federal Government’s first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment. Read our recommendations here.

Sustainable Jobs
Sustainable Jobs

The Gov't needs to ensure sustainable jobs for all stakeholders, including skilled trades workers.

Community Benefits Agreements
Community Benefits Agreements

Canada’s Building Trades Unions strongly advocate for the inclusion of Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) or Workforce Development Agreements (WDAs) in federally procured construction projects. What are community benefit agreements/workforce development

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