Indigenous Awareness Training

Indigenous Awareness Training is offered through Build Together, a CBTU workforce development program.

Indigenous Training is offered through four modules; each of which can be customized to your unique audience and region to ensure the training will provide meaningful ways to improve understanding and relations with Indigenous Peoples both within your organization and those you are looking to recruit. The modules are meant to create an understanding of the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, provide context on current situations taking place within the construction industry, and prepare course participants with career development tools to increase Indigenous relations between the construction industry and Indigenous Communities.

The modules offered in this virtual course are meant to provide a customized approach to Indigenous Training and can be tailored to your specific audience to cover relevant issues and offer meaningful ways to move forward:

  • Apprentices
  • Journeypersons
  • Contractor/Employer/Forepersons
  • Local Union Staff (dispatchers, joint apprenticeship committees, organizers)
  • Union Leadership

Learn more about the topics covered in each module here.

Building Connections