Statement by CBTU on Meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau

Today, Executive Director of Canada’s Building Trades Unions, Sean Strickland and members of the Canadian Executive Board met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and released the following statement:

“Canada’s Building Trades Unions appreciated the opportunity to meet directly with Prime Minister Trudeau to discuss the challenges faced by workers in the construction industry during the pandemic and issues of importance to the over half a million members we represent. Today, we had the opportunity to discuss important measures which appeared in the Federal Budget that will help our members including reforms to Employment Insurance, investments in apprenticeship and workforce development.

We were pleased with the opportunity to bring up the Skilled Trades Workforce Mobility Tax Deduction – currently in the House of Commons as Private Members Bill C-275. Making it easier for skilled trades workers to temporarily relocate for work – a necessity in the construction industry – will help to address labour shortages and transition workers from utilizing programs like Employment Insurance and, instead, contribute to the Canadian economy through tax revenues from their employment.

We look forward to continuing an open dialogue and the support of the Federal Government to invest in supporting and growing Canada’s skilled trades workforce.”

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