Videos from 2019 CBTU Conference

May 22, 2019

Every year, at our annual CBTU Conference, we try to take the time and interview some of our Building Trades leaders from across the country who have travelled in to Ottawa…


Photos from 2019 CBTU Conference

May 21, 2019

Check out photos from this year’s CBTU Conference.


CBTU 2019 Conference Website

Apr 28, 2019

To keep up to date and find more information on the 2019 CBTU Conference, check out the Conference website here:


Energy Development

CBTU believes in energy independence for North America and supports oil sands and other hydrocarbon developments in Canada.

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CBTU is campaigning to have the federal government introduce a Construction Mobility Tax Credit—a personal tax exemption on expenses construction workers typically incur when they temporarily relocate for work.

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CBTU’s campaign in support of pipeline projects is designed to educate the public in communities located along key routes about the benefits of these projects.

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