campaign-pipelinesCBTU’s campaign in support of pipeline projects is designed to educate the public in communities located along key routes about the benefits of these projects.


CBTU strongly endorses the development of pipelines to deliver oil and natural gas to world markets. Pipelines are economic generators that produce thousands of well-paid jobs during construction and many more in maintenance and other sectors over their lifespan.

Pipelines are the safest and most reliable way to move oil and gas across the country, and Canada’s building trades have the skills to build pipelines that meet the highest safety and environmental standards.


  • Transporting oil by rail and road heightens the risk of incidents and accidents, and increases the volume of traffic on our overburdened infrastructure.
  • Pipelines offer the safest, most efficient means to move Canadian oil to domestic and international markets.
  • The proposed pipeline projects will provide thousands of long-term jobs.
  • Jobs include converting existing pipeline, constructing new pipeline, building pumping stations, tank terminals and marine facilities, and expanding and upgrading refineries.
  • Construction workers own homes, pay taxes, buy from local businesses, and support local clubs and charities in communities across Canada.
  • Every construction job produces 7 spinoff jobs in other sectors.