Government Affairs and Public Policy

CBTU champions the labour position on a wide range of national-level issues including fair taxation, pensions, workers’ compensation, employment insurance, and health and welfare programs. We also advocate on behalf of policies that support excellence in education, secure retirement, universal access to healthcare, safe streets and a clean environment.

CBTU Budget 2016 Submission to Hon. Bill Morneau

Our submission to the Standing Committee on Finance/ Department of Finance for Budget 2016 calls for federal action on labour mobility.

Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) calls for either a labour-mobility tax measure or an EI travel voucher as a response to skills shortages, demographic changes and major infrastructure programs. Tumbling oil prices and economic uncertainly throughout 2015 strengthens this call for action. Helping the middle class secure employment in challenging economic times should be a high government priority.

There are two major human-resources challenges facing the construction industry: labour shortages and allocation, and barriers to labour mobility. In this section we describe both, offer further details about our proposed solution, explain why now is the right time to implement such a proposal, and list some of the short- and long-term economic benefits that the Government of Canada will realize by taking action.

CBTU Budget 2016 Submission to Hon. Bill Morneau (pdf)