Canada’s Building Trades Unions Speak with Prime Minister on Importance of Infrastructure Spend to Stimulate Economy

Today, leaders of Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) participated in a call with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to discuss the opportunities that exist to build apprenticeship capacity in the skilled trades; invest in communities across the country and put Canadians to work building much-needed infrastructure.

“Our Canadian Executive Board greatly appreciated the opportunity to speak with the Prime Minister today, to communicate the priorities of the women and men of the building trades. Many of our members were deemed essential at the start of the pandemic, and continue to go to work building and maintaining vital infrastructure,” said Robert Kucheran, Chairman, Canada’s Building Trades Unions. “Now, as we move forward and address the negative effects of the pandemic on the Canadian economy, Canada’s Building Trades Unions stand as a partner to the government of Canada. We know, based on history, that investments in infrastructure have the opportunity to kick start the economy; and they will also provide key training opportunities for apprenticeships in communities right across the country which will help address the skilled trades shortage we’re facing.”

CBTU has outlined five key pillars that will bring about a new deal for Canada, including; moving forward on identified shovel-ready projects to stimulate the economy; the inclusion of community benefit agreements on major infrastructure projects to benefit local and marginalized groups and apprentices; a continued focus on apprenticeships to build Canada’s future workforce; investment in major infrastructure projects that will quickly put a large number of Canadians to work and grow our economy; and finally, continuing to raise the bar on health and safety.

“Canada’s Building Trades Unions are committed to working with government coming out of this crisis to ensure we build the infrastructure our country and industries need. This includes a commitment to building better, and building greener. We thank the Prime Minister for his time today and will continue to communicate and collaborate with the government to advocate on behalf of Building Trades members,” stated Sean Strickland, incoming Executive Director, Canada’s Building Trades Unions.

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