Today, the Federal Government issued Budget 2021 which included spending to address the ongoing pandemic. Sean Strickland, Executive Director of Canada’s Building Trades Unions issued the following statement:

“Budget 2021 illustrated what many of us know – while we’re closer to the end of the pandemic, than the beginning, we still have a lot of work to do. As predicted, the Budget focused on the pandemic and what Canada needs to do for a post-COVID recovery. Canada’s Building Trades Unions were pleased to see the attention given to skilled trades workers, demonstrating the Government knows investing in our members is a key step on the path towards an economic recovery.

The creation of the new Apprenticeship Service through ESDC will encourage more employers to hire and start apprentices – including additional incentives for hiring those from underrepresented groups. Investing in re-training, upskilling and just transition for workers in transforming sectors like energy, will position Canada better, as we look ahead.

While we would have liked to see additional investments in infrastructure to address the gaps caused by reduced private sector investment, we are committed to working closely with the Government to ensure infrastructure dollars get out the door, quickly.  We will continue to work closely with government to ensure the women and men of Canada’s Building Trades Unions continue to build critical infrastructure, safely.” —Sean Strickland, Executive Director, Canada’s Building Trades Unions

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