Reform Employment Insurance

Reform of the Employment Insurance (EI) program is long overdue. CBTU recommends the Government undergo significant and genuine consultations on the EI program to better support workers.

CBTU is advocating for the following changes:

  1. Permanently simplify eligibility rules around the allocation of separation monies.
  2. Support workers seeking re-skilling or skill upgrading by ensuring they can promptly receive EI benefits while attending skills training or an educational program.
  3. Address delays in receiving EI benefits to support apprentices completing the in-class portion of their training and certification exams.
  4. Make improvements to the Canada Training Benefits Training Credit by removing the upper-age limit, lower the earnings eligibility, and allow the credit to be applied to related expenses such as course materials
  5. Extend the EI Training Support Benefit from four to 16 weeks, increase the replacement rate to 85 per cent of wages, and remove the one-week waiting period.
  6. End the misclassification of workers.
  7. Dedicate an EI representative at each of Canada’s four administration regions who understand the specific issues pertaining to skilled trades workers and the EI system in Canada.
  8. Re-establish a board of appeals for EI. 
Labour Mobility Tax Deduction for Tradespeople
Labour Mobility Tax Deduction for Tradespeople

After over two decades of advocacy, tax fairness is now a reality for tradespeople across Canada.

Grants and Financial Support for Apprentices

Click here to view our document on provincial supports that are available for apprentices.

National Infrastructure Assessment Submission

In 2021 CBTU submitted our recommendations as part of the Federal Government’s first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment. Read our recommendations here.

Sustainable Jobs
Sustainable Jobs

The Gov't needs to ensure sustainable jobs for all stakeholders, including skilled trades workers.

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