CBTU Response to Throne Speech

Dec 6, 2019

Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) has issued the following statement in response to the Federal Government’s Throne Speech:



Canada’s Building Trades Unions is pleased with the support demonstrated for Canada’s middle class in the throne speech.  A clear path forward to progress our country is one that balances our climate change goals to protect our children’s future while demonstrating a clear understanding of our energy needs. CBTU believes in a Canada that looks after our seniors; a Canada that understands the gravity of the opioid crisis and moves forward on a strategy to address it;  a Canada that moves ahead on a national pharmacare program to ensure Canadians don’t have to choose between buying food or buying the medication they need; and a Canada that develops our resources in a way that protects the environment while creating Canadian jobs to bolster our economy. We need to move forward on public infrastructure projects that improve our communities with more than just bricks and mortar, but that also tie community benefits agreements with publicly spent money to ensure our tax dollars not only build buildings, but create space for underrepresented groups to start an apprenticeship to work on those projects. We need a commitment from the federal government to ensure a comprehensive strategy on the legacy of asbestos, which includes things like a national asbestos agency and a mesothelioma patient registry, created to save the lives of workers for generations to come.   

CBTU is committed to continuing to work closely with the federal government on all of these issues, while we continue to represent the voices of over half a million organized skilled trades members across Canada.

Arlene Dunn, Director

Canada’s Building Trades Unions