Election 2019: Liberals form Minority Government

Oct 22, 2019

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who exercised your democratic right by getting to the polls and casting your ballot. I would also like to thank every candidate who aspires to serve our government and our country. Civic responsibility is important for our democracy and your time and dedication are immensely appreciated. Congratulations to Prime Minister Trudeau and team. We look forward to continuing to work with you over the next four years, as we follow through and further the causes that are important to our members and working Canadians. Although many of us volunteered our time on campaigns across this country over the last several weeks, October 21stdoesn’t mark the end of our work but rather, the continuance.

Starting today and moving forward we need to reach out and either remind those elected officials that our members worked hard to get them elected; or, in other ridings, begin cultivating relationships with the men and women elected to represent us and our issues.

Regardless of party stripe and your own political leanings, we need to maintain focus on our priorities and that’s building Canada with skilled, unionized tradespeople from coast to coast.

We need to reach out and make our priorities known and understood. Our priorities outlined ahead of the election remain the same:

  1. Implement a skilled trades mobility program incorporated into our tax system;
  2. Invest in energy infrastructure; build a national energy corridor that includes pipeline and supports climate change goals and creates jobs for our members;
  3. Apply community benefits agreements in public infrastructure projects – focus on leveling the playing field for underrepresented groups;
  4. Support for and providing real apprenticeship opportunities through infrastructure investment to grow a skilled trades workforce in the construction sector;
  5. Building upon the 2018 ban, use and export of asbestos – decisive action for an asbestos free Canada, including the establishment of a national asbestos agency and mesothelioma registry.

Brothers and Sisters, let us recommit ourselves and work harder to ensure we continue to not only build Canada, but train the next generation with the skills they need to learn their trade, increase our capacity and best represent our movement.

I look forward to moving forward, together.

In solidarity,

Arlene Dunn


Canada’s Building Trades Unions