NB Building Trades Call for Inquiry on Caraquet Shipyard

Aug 28, 2019

The New Brunswick Building Trades Unions are perplexed by Groupe Ocean’s claim that there is a shortage of qualified Electricians in the Province of New Brunswick. Further, using this as justification for having to move operations along with infrastructure paid for by the people of New Brunswick out of the province is a major disservice to our citizens. Within the Building Trades Unions in New Brunswick there are currently a minimum of 200 Red Seal licensed and qualified electricians available for employment; approximately 50 of them are within a 30-minute drive and would welcome the opportunity to work close to home in their province. This does not include the apprentices (our youth) who are available to be trained and given the chance to secure employment and stay in New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick tax payers invested substantial tax dollars in the refit of the shipyard with the promise of return on investment through providing highly skilled and good paying jobs in an economically challenged geographic area of New Brunswick. We commend and stand behind our current provincial government for its stance and for putting the best interest of all New Brunswickers in the forefront to ensure that the infrastructure bought and paid for by the New Brunswick taxpayer is not moved out of province along with the jobs, subsequent tax dollars and spinoffs that were promised by Groupe Ocean.

We respectfully call upon the NB Government to conduct a full inquiry into this matter and until such time as the inquiry is concluded consider, if possible, taking possession of the yard to ensure the infrastructure stays in New Brunswick.


About NBBTU:

Originally formed on May 25, 1971, the New Brunswick Building and Construction Trades Council is a non-profit umbrella organization representing 18 building trade unions across 14 construction trades around the province with more than 9,000 active members. More commonly known as the New Brunswick Building Trades, the Council is a forum for unions in the NB construction industry to develop a common front on issues affecting the sector, such as Industry Legislation, Occupational Health and Safety Leadership, Trades Pre-employment & Apprenticeship Training Standards, Labour Representation on numerous Industry/Government Boards and Commissions, Jurisdictional Assignment Mediation and an Industry Best Practices Exchange. Overall the Council works with both employer organizations and government to improve the working situation of our union members as well as all construction workers in the province of NB.  www.nbbctc.com