Happy Canada Day from Canada’s Building Trades Unions!

Jun 28, 2019

Each July 1st, Canadians across the country and around the world celebrate our history, culture and achievements. As the Director of Canada’s Building Trades Unions, I want to take this opportunity to wish all Canadians a happy Canada Day but most especially the skilled trades professionals I represent – our members and our leadership. As we proudly celebrate our nation’s birthday together, most likely in locations built or maintained by our members, it’s important to remember that none of this would be here without the thousands of skilled tradespeople who proudly hone their craft to produce the highest quality and safest infrastructure anywhere in the world.

And this Canada Day, not unlike any other day, many of you will be in my thoughts. I know some of you will be working – maintaining and building our refineries, pulp mills, nuclear facilities, bridges, roads, highways and, commercial structures. You may or may not have the opportunity to set down your tools, take off your work boots or put away your hardhat and safety vest. Your hands have built this country and you’ve made it into the best country on earth. You’ve also made it safe – so others are able to celebrate these pivotal moments in our history.  We are truly thankful and you make us very proud to have the privilege of representing you.

On this first long weekend of summer, first and foremost, please celebrate safely and, secondly, please know that we here at the CBTU, along with your leadership, appreciate the many contributions you’ve made toward making Canada’s birthday a great event to celebrate.

Happy Canada Day!

In solidarity,

Arlene Dunn, Director