Lobby Day 2018

Jul 16, 2018

Over the past year, we have been working very hard in enhancing the building trades unions’ brand on Parliament Hill.  Our latest Legislative Conference held at the Hilton Lac Lemay was very successful and our upcoming Lobby Day 2018 will be just as exciting for those who will participate.

Lobbying is about building relationships.  The stronger our relationships are, the better opportunity for policies that are developed by various levels of governments will reflect the priorities of the building trades unions.  That is why your participation in Lobby Day 2018 is so important.  Canada’s Building Trades Unions need you to help us reach as many politicians and senior decisions makers on Parliament Hill and promote the building trades unions’ agenda.  The relationships that we are building together, will go a long way in making our views heard as federal political parties develop their 2019 election platforms.  There are 500,000 of our members across the country who are counting on all of us to work towards making their lives better.  Lobby Day 2018 is a step in that direction.  Therefore, I encourage and ask you to join us on October 15th-16th.

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