Apr 23, 2018

Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) Organizers’ Conference Committee invites you to contribute your knowledge and ideas and to share strategies and best practices at the CBTU Organizers’ Conference. Those of you that attended the previously held Conferences will recall that over 100 organizers from across Canada attended and drew extensively from each other’s campaign knowledge and experience. Some of the highlights of the Conference will include:

  • Canadian Construction Organizing in the 21st Century, Brent Booker, Secretary-Treasurer, North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU)
  • Organizing Millennials: What Does the Research Say?, Tom Kriger, Research Director, NABTU
  • Lunch Presentation: “A Contractor’s Perspective,” Carl Nunes, Project Manager, Alternative Concrete Technologies (ACT), a division of John Flood and Sons Ltd.
  • Using Social Media in Construction Organizing – Revolution Messaging.
  • Canadian Labour Law Overview,Bob Blakely, Canadian Operating O cer, Canada’s Building Trades Unions
  • Canadian Organizer’s Workshop – two separate sessions for new and experienced Organizers.For new Organizers – an introduction to the Provincial Labour Codes.
    For experienced Organizers – an overview of current challenges and opportunities.
  • Lunch Presentation: Organizing a More Diverse Canadian Workforce, Arlene Dunn, Deputy Director, Canadian Building Trades Unions
  • Emotional Intelligence for Organizers, Kirk Brungard, Executive Director Baltimore – DC Building Trades and Instructor MSU/BTA Academy.

Registration Form and Organizer/ Recruiter Survey available here.