CBTU offers opportunity for Forum for Young Canadians to Union family members – Apply now!

Dec 15, 2016


As part of our ongoing commitment to member service and value, CBTU has negotiated a sponsorship for 3 CBTU family member children to take part in an important initiative for High School students as part of the program of the Forum for Young Canadians.

If you have a high school age child or relative (grandchild) that would be interested in exploring this opportunity, please have them complete this application form and forward to our office –  we will then select candidates to fill the three CBTU family spots at the Forum this winter. The final selection will be made by the Forum for Young Canadians.

CBTU will provide up to $2,000 per student, which covers travel to Ottawa and the registration fee for the program.  The details are in the brochure.

The student must write a short letter indicating why they are motivated to participate in the Forum for Young Canadians and a short resume outlining their community involvement.  In many provinces community involvement is now mandatory for high school credit.

If selected by FYC, the students will have to get their Teacher/Principal to sign the permission form to miss class.

Please either mail or email the form to Julie Lanois at jlanois@buildingtrades.ca and then we will forward it to the FYC.

These are due to us by January 13, 2017 and to FYC by January 20, 2017.

Please indicate in the letter of interest to the FYC that you are a CBTU family member!

AS this is time sensitive please give as wide a circulation as is possible amongst your local unions and our members.  Don’t forget to include the attachments, they are necessary for the application. For young people this a chance to come to Ottawa and see how government works, it is a worthwhile opportunity that sometimes out members’ children don’t always get!


Bob Blakely,
Canadian Operating Officer
Canada’s Building Trades Unions

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