CBTU receives Helmets to Hardhats Certificate of Commendation

Oct 19, 2016

Greg Matte (left) , H2H National Director presents Bob Blakely, Canadian Operating Officer, Canada’s Building Trades Unions with an H2H commendation certificate at the Ontario Building Trades Convention in Hamilton.

” I’m particularly proud to receive this certificate from Helmets to Hardhats, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities in the Building Trades for Canada’s military.

On behalf of the Building Trade Unions across Canada, thank you for the opportunity to support and encourage the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces after their military service.

We want all Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen and airwomen to know that we have a place for them to continue to make their contribution to the strength and building of this country. ”
Bob Blakely

 H2H Commendation image3