Skilled Trades Platform 2015

Oct 8, 2015

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Canada’s cities and towns are crumbling around us

Canada needs a comprehensive integrated infrastructure program that will eliminate the infrastructure deficit and provide for growth. Such an infrastructure program should be coordinated with the provinces and municipalities to ensure that Canadians get best value from such infrastructure spending. At a time when construction jobs are needed, the cost of money is as low as it has been in recent memory, it makes sense to invest in infrastructure as opposed to making such investments when the business cycle is high. Infrastructure investment should also secure other important goals for government which include safety, quality, durability and the requirement to train the workforce of tomorrow on infrastructure projects being done today.

Travel costs keep people away from worksites. Families, employers AND the economy suffers

Canada needs a Skilled Trades Workforce Mobility program which operates as a part of the Tax System. Salesmen, professionals and others within the construction/maintenance industry can deduct from income the costs of travel, meals and accommodations while the same ability is denied to a skilled trades worker. This is an unfair tax consequence. Such a Skilled Trades Workforce Mobility program can operate as a tax deduction, tax credit, grant from within the Employment Insurance system or in some other way but, the Skilled Trades Workforce deserve to be treated equitably in this regard.

Canada needs to continue with a focus on skills training and apprenticeship at all levels of government

  • Financial supports to apprentices and the employers of apprentices

  • The harmonization of trade and apprentice standards across Canada’s jurisdictions

  • Promotion of the value of a career in the Skilled Trades to Canada.

Canada’s Veterans deserve a shot at training programs

CBTU has worked hard to create Helmets to Hardhats sourcing funding from industry and different levels of government. To make the program more accessible and increase the numbers of veterans using the system more core funding is required. Provide consistent base funding to Helmets to Hardhats, to augment industry contributions, of $500,000.00 on a recurring annual basis.

Canada’s Building Trades Unions seek the immediate repeal of the unfair, unconstitutional and unnecessary Bill C-377.