Canada’s Building Trades Announces New Deputy Director – Arlene Dunn

Oct 6, 2015

Ottawa, ON

Robert Kucheran, the Chair of the Canadian Executive Board of Canada’s Building Trades Unions, announced today that as a result of an extensive executive search, that Arlene Dunn will be appointed as the Deputy Director of Canadian Affairs effective November 19th, 2015.  The Chair said, “We looked long and hard to find the right person for the job. We had a large number of applicants, many of whom were very well qualified, and we interviewed many of those applicants.  The final selection was very difficult to make, and I’d like to thank the selection committee who gave up a significant amount of time to assist in the process. They worked diligently, and came up with both an excellent short list and an eventual final choice. This appointment will give us more capacity to do the things that our affiliates and their members need to advance the cause of working people in Canada.”

Arlene Dunn:

Arlene has worked for over twenty five years within the Building Trades family. She has established good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with contractors, owners and various levels of government.  In her new role, Arlene will continue to build on these foundations, which will facilitate effective implementation of objectives that will further the goals of the Building Trades’ Unions. She will continue to communicate with industry stakeholders to keep them informed of the Building Trades’ work, the advantages of affiliation, and to identify changes in the industry served by the organization. She looks forward to educating the next generation about the benefits of Building Trades’ membership and will continue to work to identify strategies to improve engagement, increase membership, develop leadership initiatives, promote diversity and broaden customer base.