Apr 1, 2020

Canada’s Building Trades Unions are pleased with the announcement from TC Energy Corp. stating that construction will proceed on the Keystone XL pipeline project.

“At a time of uncertainty, the positive news that the Keystone XL pipeline project will move forward is an important step forward for the Canadian economy. Canada’s Building Trade Unions have the highly-skilled workforce that has the capacity, knowledge and skills to perform this work safely.  We are pleased that the Alberta government is stepping up to support this economy boosting project that will help meet Canada’s growing energy needs, and increase the capacity to get our resources to market.

“On this job, like any other work site right now, health and safety must remain at the forefront with all necessary precautions being taken surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada’s Building Trades Unions will work hand in hand with our contractor partners to ensure safety protocols are met and our members, and the broader community, are kept safe.” – Robert Kucheran, Chairman, Canada’s Building Trades Unions

“The Building Trades of Alberta is pleased the provincial government will invest in the Keystone XL pipeline, which will provide thousands of jobs for Albertans in the unionized skilled trades and others. Over time, it will also add billions to government revenues for important services like health care, education and more.  Additionally, this investment signals strong support for the province’s energy industry and the workers who rely on it to feed their families. It’s a much-needed boost of confidence and demonstrates the continued need for a safe, stable and secure energy supply.” – Terry Parker, Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta